What do horses eat in Minecraft?

What do horses eat in Minecraft
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There are a variety of animals in Minecraft, like pigs, pandas, and yes, horses.

Horses in the game can be ridden or tamed, you can even breed them and just like any creature, they need to eat.

But, what do horses eat in Minecraft? This article will cover all of this and then some.

Do you need to feed horses in Minecraft?

No. Although it is not necessary to feed a horse, doing so will help it grow if the horse is not fully matured.

Feeding a horse will also affect its temper. Temper is a number assigned to the horse and will affect its tamability.

The higher the temper number, the easier it will be to get it tamed.

Another reason to feed your horse is for restoring health purposes if it was dealt any damage.

What do you feed horses?

In Minecraft, there are a few items that can be used to feed the horses:

Screenshot of Foods to feed horses in Minecraft Gameplay
Possible foods to feed the horses

1. Apples

Health Regeneration:

Restores 3 health points.

How to obtain:

  • Getting from trees(leaves).
  • Looting chests.
  • Trading with villagers.

2. Enchanted Apples

Health Regeneration:

Restores 10 health points.

How to obtain:

Looting Chests (Rare).

3. Golden Apples

Health Regeneration:

Restores 10 health points.

How to obtain:

  • Looting Chests.
  • Crafting: One Apple and eight Gold Ingots

4. Golden Carrots

Health Regeneration:

Restores 4 health points.

How to obtain:

  • Looting Chests
  • Crafting: One Carrot and eight Gold Nuggets.
  • Trading: Three Golden Carrots for three Emeralds.

5. Hay Bale

Health Regeneration:

Restores 20 health points.

How to obtain:

  • Found around villages(more commonly in the plains).
  • Crafting: Nine wheat units.

6. Sugar

Health Regeneration:

Restores 1 health point.

How to obtain:

  • Looting mobs: Witches
  • Crafting: Sugar Canes or Honey Bottles
  • Through compound creation: Six Carbon, twelve Hydrogen, and six Oxygen.

7. Wheat

Health Regeneration:

Restores 2 health points.

How to obtain:

  • Looting Chests
  • Farming
  • Crafting: One Hay Bale to obtain nine units of wheat.

How do you feed the horses in Minecraft?

You simply need to have one of the valid foods that you can use to feed them in one of your hands and use a right-click to give them to the horse. Easy-peasy.

Note: An easy way to know if you are feeding the horse the wrong food, it will cause you to mount the horse instead of actually feeding it.

Feeding horses for breeding

In order to breed horses, you first need to get two tamed horses.

To tame horses, you simply need to mount them several times until they no longer try to shake you off of them.

Once you see hearts on top of it, you have successfully tamed it.

When you have two of them, you can feed them either some golden apples or golden carrots to put them into a “loving mood” which will then spawn a baby horse.

Note: You will get a baby horse if you have used two horses to breed. If you have crossbred a horse with a donkey, this will produce a mule.

Screenshot of horses breed pony in Minecraft gameplay
Feeding Golden Apples/Carrots for Breeding

Where to get golden apples in Minecraft?

If you want to breed your horses in Minecraft, then you would need golden apples or carrots.

To get golden apples, you can generally find them by looting chests.

Another option is by crafting them. Using a regular apple along with eight gold ingots will produce one golden apple.

Screenshot of crafting a golden apple in Minecraft gameplay
Crafting Recipe for Golden Apple

Where to get golden carrots in Minecraft?

Getting golden carrots are somewhat the same as getting golden apples. You either get them by looting treasure chests or by crafting.

Unlike the golden apples, in order to craft the carrots, you will need eight gold nuggets as opposed to gold ingots for the apples.

Note: Whether you are crafting a golden apple or carrot, make sure to place your produce in the middle of the crafting grid, with the gold all around it.

Another possible way to get a tasty golden carrot is through trading with villagers, but not any villagers, they must be “master” farmer villagers.

Screenshot of crafting a golden carrot in Minecraft gameplay
Crafting Recipe for Golden Carrot

Final thoughts

Now, you know how and what to feed the horses in Minecraft. They are a great mode of transportation, they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Some are quicker than others like the Black Pegasus, some are rarer than others such as the Skeleton Horse.

Nevertheless, they are worth the time to tame, so feeding them is a must to increase that temper, giving you an edge to tame them.

If you want to know more about horses in Minecraft, feel free to visit Minecraft Wiki on horses.

In the meantime, ride on and game on.

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What do horses eat in Minecraft?

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