Stardew Valley Miner or Geologist?

Stardew Valley miner or geologist

When playing the popular game Stardew Valley miner or geologist, players will have to decide when they reach level 5 of their mining skill.

Miner or Geologist?

Whether your pick ends up on miner or geologist, Stardew Valley will reward the player differently. Each has its own perks.

In-Game Screenshot of Stardew Valley choice of profession

Here is the teardown for each:

The Stardew Miner

If you pick Miner as a profession (pun, intended), you will gain +1 ore vein (a.k.a ore deposit) when mining, increasing the fruit of your labor.

This is useful, especially at the beginning of the game, where resources are scarce, and you need them for crafting and/or selling for money. It is all relative to when you have reached that level 5 mining skill threshold in your playthrough.

After a long run of working hard in the ol’ mine, when reaching level 10, you will get to pick yet another profession to specialize yourself even more down the miner path.

You will get to choose to become a Stardew Blacksmith or Prospector.

For the Blacksmith, the value of your bars is increased by half its worth. So let’s say you want to sell a Gold Bar; you will then get 375G instead of the standard 250G price tag.

So it will be more bang for your bucks. Obviously, if you are advanced in your game and money is not much of an issue, perhaps Prospector is a better option.

If you choose Prospector instead of the prior, you get a better chance of doubling the amount of coal you find. Since coal is very useful in the game, stocking up faster on that resource can be rewarding when crafting items.

The most coal required to build an item is for the Slime Egg-Press or the Warrior Ring, which cost 25 coal each to make.

Personally, if I were to go into the miner branch, I would get my Blacksmith degree; even if Coal is useful, making more money selling metal bars outweighs its value in Coal.

Although, I would regret my decision later in the game, where money is not much of an issue.

In the short run, Blacksmith is great to make extra money, but in the long run, Coal is a resource that you cannot go without, so you cannot have too much of it.

The Stardew Geologist

Your second option for the mining profession is geology. If you chose to be a geologist, what it will do is that when mining gems, chances are that you may get a second one in that same rock, so two for the price of one. Sweet.

This profession is the more profitable one, as gems usually sell for good money, which is critical early in the game.

As with the miner profession, when you reach level 10, you will again face yet another career-changing dilemma. You will be offered the choice of either Excavator or Gemologist.

Being an Excavator helps your chances by two of uncovering more Geodes as your reward. Now, Geodes can contain nice minerals or other resources that can then sell for good money.

Still, first, you must unlock its mystery by visiting the local Blacksmith for a small fee (25G) or if you have your own Geode crushing machine at home, which would have cost you Gold Bar(2), Stone(50), and a Diamond(1) to make, providing you got the crafting recipe beforehand.

Behind door number 2 of the geologist, the branch is Gemologist, which, as the name says, is all about the gems. Like the Blacksmith profession with its metal bars, your gems are worth 30% more money when selling them.

If you want to take a more profitable route, then Gemologist is for you.

I would definitely go for Gemologist for the geologist branch, as Geodes are useful to a certain point, where you have collected all there is and donate all that you can to the local museum. After that, Geodes are just another collectible that will gather dust in your storage boxes, and get sold for little money. In other words, they will become a hassle.

Gems will sell for good money, and they make a great gift for those NPCs.

Which skill to choose in Stardew Valley, Miner or Geologist?

It all basically comes down to looking into the long run. In short, it is resources versus money.

Sure, money is useful when starting your farm, notably during the first year, but it is all about the resources when looking long-term. To be able to sell craft buildings and items to make your farm grow.

As you advance in the game, money will no longer be an issue … well, that is if you are building your farm right, but let’s keep this for another time, shall we?

Either path you choose between Miner or Geologist, you get more resources, whether it’s Ore or Gems, you win both ways. If you are more resource-oriented, then Miner is the job for you. If your goal is to get money, then Geologist is the way to go.

After reaching level 10, you will get a choice of being more profitable or getting more resources. To make more money, you choose Blacksmith (for miners) or Gemologist (for Geologist). For materials, you must go down the Prospector or Excavator path.

Final Thoughts

Addicted to Stardew Valley?

If you are going away for a while and hate leaving your farm unattended, why not bring it with you, whether playing Stardew Valley on consoles or a handheld. See this article on how to bring your gaming on the go.

If you want to know more about the game or ask some questions on their forums, pay a visit to their official website Stardew Valley.

With these words, I say “mine” your business, and game on.

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Stardew Valley Miner or Geologist?

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