Why is my PS4 keep beeping? How to fix it?

Does your PS4 keep beeping for no apparent reason and have been wondering as to why? It can’t be a good sign, so what does it mean? Is my PS4 broken or malfunctioning? What to do to fix it?

Generally speaking, when a gaming console is beeping that means something has gone wrong. It could be either software-related, it could be hardware or even an overheating issue, usually, you should get an error message saying what went wrong.

In this article, we will cover why it is beeping and how to make it stop.

Ways to fix PS4 beeping issues

Turning your console on then off

The beeping may have occurred if your PS4 was in sleep mode and was not turned off properly, due to it being unplugged, or due to a power outage, just to name a few.

This issue or any other possible problems can be resolved by simply restarting your console. If your console is on, simply press and hold the narrow power button for a few seconds to turn it off.

Press the ‘Power’ button once more to turn it back “on” and see if this helped stop your PS4 from beeping.

Alternatively, you can turn “off” your console through the UI or User Interface by selecting “Power” then “Turn off PS4”.

Change the location of your PS4

If your PS4 is located in a media cabinet, a shelf, or other types of enclosure, chances are that your PS4 overheating, which would be notified by beeping.

Try moving it to a more ventilated open space, or making sure that the read exhaust fan is not obstructed in any way. Doing so will likely help solve that beeping issue if by chance it is caused by an overheating issue.

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Cooling down your gaming console

Your PlayStation 4 may be overheating from long gaming sessions, hot ambient room temperature or simply staying powered on for a long amount of time. That would result in overheating your console and causing it to beep notifying you of what is happening to your hardware.

Simply turning it off and letting it cool down for a few hours or just overnight could help it breathe a bit more.

Remove any dust in your PS4 console

Another possible cause of beeping would be a collection of dust bunnies, particles, or even pet hair that may have made their way inside the PlayStation 4.

Try using one of those compressed air dusters to blow away any residue that may block air intake or outtake.

Consider removing the front plate to give you better access to the internal components which would give you a better chance of removing even more dust or debris.

Remove any inserted disc

If your Playstation 4 is beeping when powered down, a possible cause that is a bit more common among gamers is having problems with the disc drive.

If you happen to have a disc still inside the disc drive, your PS4 console may decide to boot up and eject the disc on its own.

DVD discs and cases
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Check your disc for any scratches, or damages, and make sure it is compatible if it is region-locked or simply eject the disc and see if this clears the issue.

In some cases, updating the firmware may resolve the disc-drive & beeping issue.

Updating the PS4 to the latest firmware

Not all problems can be caused by faulty hardware, outdated software, or in this case, the firmware may just be the culprit.

To make sure your console is updated with the latest and greatest, go to “Settings”, then scroll down to “System Software Update”.

If you are up to date then you will have a message saying that “The latest version of the system software is already installed”.

On the other hand, if there is a new version available, follow the on-screen instructions, and hopefully, this will keep your PS4 from beeping.

Tightening the manual eject screw

There are some people reporting that tightening the manual eject screw can help fix the beeping issue.

In order to do so, make sure your console is powered down and that there is no disc in the drive.

You will then remove the front cover and locate a hidden screw along the side of your PS4, left of your HDD.

Using a thin Philip head screwdriver, turn the screw clockwise for a few turns, replace the cover and that should do it.

closeup view at PS4 manual eject screw
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Contact customer service

If your gaming console is still under warranty from the manufacturer then you can contact Sony’s Repair Center and open a repair request.

In the event that your warranty has expired, try finding a local repair shop, perhaps they would have better luck pinpointing where the issue is.

Removing the buzzer

If your PS4 is working just fine but keeps beeping for some reason or you want to stop the initial beep when starting up your console, then one unpopular and totally unrecommended option would be to remove the buzzer off of your PS4 console altogether.

Click here to see how to disable the PS4 startup beep.

Note: It is not recommended and you will void any warranty on your console not knowing what you are doing, you may unwillingly damage your PS4 in the process.

close up view of a buzzer component
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It has only been listed because others have done so, although unpractical as you will not get any audible warnings of potential problems that may occur in the future.

It is pretty funny to know that some people would actually take any measure to end the beeping sound for good.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article with its tips and tricks has helped you solve your PS4 beeping issue. Remember that this sound is not there simply to annoy the user, but notify that something is wrong. Think of it as the “check engine” light of a car, you cannot simply ignore it. The last thing you need is to brick your console and have to replace it and lose all data/game saves. Take good care of your gaming hardware, as they will take care of you entertainment-wise.

Now that your PS4 is working properly, the only thing left to do is to game on.

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Why is my PS4 keep beeping? How to fix it?

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