Minecraft Jenny Mod Download / Install [Updated 2022]

Minecraft Jenny Mod Download Install
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Have you been playing Minecraft and heard about the Jenny mod?

If so, then this article will show you how to download and install the Jenny mod onto your Minecraft game on your PC.

If you do not know what the Jenny mod is, read on because you are in for a “treat”, pun intended and you will soon know why.

Where can I download the Jenny mod?

If you are playing Minecraft on your computer, there are a few places where it is available for you to download. Here is one of these options:

There is a link on Mediafire, which is a free platform for file sharing.

The mod file will be a java archive(.jar) file, which is typically the same as a zipped(.zip) file.

You can download the file from here: Minecraft Mod Download

How do you install the Jenny mod on Minecraft?

If you do not have any applications that enable mods in Minecraft, then you would have to have one ready on your system in order to install the Jenny mod.

Here is how to do so on your PC:

There are various choices of Minecraft mod applications available, here are a few of the top ones:

Among these, a popular choice for PC is to install the CurseForge application which can be found using the link above, in the previous list.

Download the version based on your OS (Windows or Mac) and follow the basic instructions for its installation.

Once the installation is done, you will want to launch the app.

You will have the option of choosing a game for which you want mods. In this case, we will choose Minecraft.

Now, under the “My Modpacks” tab, it should mention having no profile installed. We will remedy this by clicking the “+ Create Custom Profile” at the top.

Enter your desired profile name and “1.12.2” as the version of Minecraft, then press “Create“. This will create a profile applying all the necessary files and patches that will be required the “alter” the game.

Screenshot of the Curseforge Profile Creation
Screenshot of the Curseforge App

Note: Selecting your current or up-to-date version of Minecraft, when creating your profile, will cause the mod to NOT work at all. When creating a world, the mod will say to be made for an older version of the game.

Right-click the icon of your newly created profile and choose “Open Folder”. You will then be in File Explorer under your profile’s folder.

Screenshot of the Curseforge Dashboard
Screenshot of the Curseforge App

There will be a folder called “mods”, which is where will want to place the previously downloaded file.

After loading, it should then be listed under “Installed Mods“.

Note: The listed mods will have a toggle switch set to “Active“. If you wish to disable the mod, simply switch them to “off”.

All you will have to do now is press the “Play” button next to your profile, in the Curseforge app.

Now, for the mod to work, you will need to start a new world and very importantly, you will need to set it to “Creative” mode.

Who or what is Jenny mod in the game Minecraft?

Screenshot of Minecraft Gameplay showing closeup of Jenny

The Jenny mod is an NSFW (Not safe for work) game modification that will spawn a female NPC (or Non-Playable Character), that will give the user the full girlfriend experience.

What does the Jenny mod do?

Let’s just say that this mod will make the game change the ESRB rating from E (for Everyone) to M (for Mature).

To keep it clean, in exchange for gems from your inventory, Jenny will perform certain actions or as previously mentioned “treats” to the user’s character.

How to make Jenny appear in-game?

When you are in your world, in “Creative mode, you will need to search your inventory for a Jenny spawn egg, which will look like a black and pinkish egg.

Screenshot of Minecraft Inventory showing a Jenny Spawn Egg
Jenny Spawn Egg in Inventory

Place the egg on your Hotbar and use it to spawn Jenny right in front of you, ready to interact with you.

How to interact with Jenny?

In order to engage with Jenny, you simply approach her and a menu of four options will be displayed, each having its own “cost”.

The cost for these privileges is three Emeralds, two Ender Pearls, two Diamonds, or one Gold Ingot respectively depending on the option chosen.

You will need to have the gems handy so that you can mingle with her.

Luckily for you, in “Creative” mode you can access them straight from the inventory, you simply need to assign them to your Hotbar.

Are there alternatives to Jenny?

This mod not only includes Jenny, but also three other “girls” :

  • Ellie, a goth-looking girl.
  • Bia, a female bear.
  • Slime girl, which is pretty much self-explanatory.
Screenshot of the Minecraft mod's three alternatives to Jenny
Meet Ellie, Bia, and Slime Girl

Each of these girls has its own way to interact with them. We will leave you the pleasure of discovering them by yourselves.

Unlike Jenny, you will NOT need to exchange precious gems for these … actions.

In order to spawn them, just like for Jenny, you will need to grab their respective spawn egg from your inventory and use the item to summon them.

Final thoughts

There you have it. Hopefully, this little tidbit helped you out in getting some good company and a little spice in your little Minecraft world.

It sure makes things a bit more interesting, to say the least.

So, time to mod up your Minecraft, enjoy, and game on

Minecraft Jenny Mod Download / Install [Updated 2022]


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