Full Minecraft Color Codes & Formats [2022]

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Are you playing Minecraft and are stuck with the same old white writing, whether it’s for your message of the day on your server or while chatting with others and you are seeing everybody with fun colors and would like to know how to change it?

Well, this article has got you covered, so let’s get started.

What are the color codes in Minecraft?

First thing, here is a list of all the available Minecraft color codes :

ColorPreviewChat CodeM.O.T.D. / Server CodeHex Code
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark Aqua
Dark Red
Dark Purple
Dark Grey
Light Purple

How do you use custom color codes in Minecraft?

In order to use them, you simply need to type in the desired color code before the words you want in a different color.

The code will vary depending on the desired color and the type of code will vary depending on the context of where the code will be used.

For chatting, you will be using the chat code which are the ones with the ‘§’ symbol.

For the server-side, like for your message of the day (M.O.T.D.), you will be using the color codes starting with ‘\u00A‘.

Here is an example of a color change on the server-side:

  • \u00A7cWelcome to \u00A7a\u00A7lMinecraft.

Here we have put the word “Welcome to” in Red, while the word ‘Minecraft’ will be made Green and in Bold.

Note: You do not want to separate the color code with space as it would result in an added space character in your text.

The result will be:
Welcome to Minecraft.

Other format codes

Here is a list of other non-color format codes that you can use in Minecraft to modify your text:

FormatChat CodeM.O.T.D. / Server Code
Obfuscated (or cryptic looking)§k\u00A7k
Reset formatting§r\u00A7r

How do you type the ‘§’ symbol in Minecraft?

Type it using ASCII code

  • Hold down the ‘Alt‘ key on your keyboard.
  • Type ‘21‘, so ‘2‘ then ‘1‘.
  • Release the ‘Alt’ key and it should give you the ‘§‘ symbol.

Note: You will need to tap the numeric values using your keyboard’s numeric pad (or NumPad) as it will not work if you are using the numbers on your keyboard’s top row.

Note: Also, make sure your NumLock is activated.

  • Typing ‘0167‘ while holding the ‘Alt‘ key would also give the same result. To be clear, that is : Alt+’0‘, Alt+’1‘, Alt+’6‘ and then finally Alt+’7‘.

Shortcut key on multilingual keyboards

For those who have a multilingual keyboard, the symbol ‘§‘ (or section sign) may be shown as an alternate character for the ‘O‘ key on your keyboard.

So if you do, you would simply have to :

  • Hold down the ‘AltCar‘ also identified as ‘AltGr‘ key
  • Press the ‘O‘ key.

Note: In order to make it work, you would need the change your keyboard’s input language, as it won’t work under ‘English’.

On mobile devices

If you are playing Minecraft PE (or Pocket Edition).

  • For Android phones :
    • On your on-screen Samsung keyboard, press and hold the letter ‘S‘, it should then pop up as an alternate character.
    • For those who have GBoard (or Google Keyboard) installed, the ‘§‘ will be located after pressing ‘?123‘ and then holding the ‘‘ character.
  • For Apple devices:
    • On your iPhone, it will be hiding behind the ‘&‘ (ampersand) character, so press and hold ‘&‘ and then choose ‘§‘.
    • If using an iPad, it will be an alternate character to the ‘%‘ sign, so press and hold ‘%‘ and then choose ‘§‘.

On gaming consoles

If you are playing the game on either a Nintendo Switch or Xbox, here is how to find that character.

  • For Nintendo Switch:
    • Under the Globe icon, choose the ‘Symbol’ language, then you should be able to find it at the bottom of page 2.
  • For Xbox:
    • On the on-screen keyboard, either pull on the LT (or Left Trigger) or choose ‘Symbols‘ at the bottom. It should then be found as an alternate character to ‘‘.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Hopefully, following these instructions helped you to put a bit of color into your life … well at least in the Minecraft world.

Feel free to leave a comment below, if you have any more questions about the Minecraft color codes that were covered in this article.

So follow the rainbow and game on.

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Full Minecraft Color Codes & Formats [2022]

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