Launch Day

Introduction – Is it launch time already?

Hello and welcome,

April 5th, 2021 marks the launch day of our website “Game More XP”, a gaming blog in which we will talk about games and gears.

More on what is the website about

By Games, I mean that it could be about an old classic that is considered a “must-play” or a new game that just came out. I would provide answers to some questions, tips, and tricks, share recent news, or get into those upcoming games that we are eager to get our hands-on.

As for Gears, it is basically gaming hardware, accessories, equipment, or technology.
So that would include let’s say news about a new peripheral that just came out, some gear that any gamer would or should love to have, even various How To’s to help a fellow gamer out.

So many possibilities.

Following the Launch Day, where is the Content?

We are very excited to get this show on the road, but we also have to keep in mind that, this website still has that brand new website smell and the content will be limited at first, but will gradually increase, as we go.

Why not read our first article?

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On that note, thank you, enjoy and game on.

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