Easy guide on how to make a spyglass in Minecraft

Screenshot of the Spyglass in the Minecraft Inventory
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Did you know that you can craft a spyglass to help you see further by zooming in on your field of view? But, do you know how to make a spyglass in Minecraft?

The recipe is very easy and does not require a whole lot of resources to make it.

Beforehand, make sure you are running version 1.17 or newer of the game, as it will not work if you are using anything older.

The article will tell you what are the items you need and where to find them.

What are the materials required to make a spyglass in Minecraft?

In order to make a telescope or spyglass, you will need two copper ingots as well as one amethyst shard.

Screenshot of Material needed to craft a spyglass in Minecraft Gameplay
Material Needed for Spyglass

Where to find copper ingots?

There are three ways in getting your hands on copper ingots:

By looting underwater zombies

There is a slight chance of getting copper ingots by killing a drowned, which can be found underwater, whether it is in the ocean, a smaller water source, or underwater ruins.

Those chances are amplified when using enchantments such as any level of “Looting”. The greater the enchantment level is, the greater your chances are.

Even with the best enchantment(Looting III), your chances of getting a copper ingot from a drowned are less than 20%.

By smelting

If you happen to have some raw copper or copper ore handy, throw it in a furnace with a fuel of your choosing then you got yourself a copper ingot.

If you do not have any of these minerals, then grab a stone(or better) type of pickaxe and go do some mining.

Screenshot of smelting copper ingots in Minecraft gameplay
Smelting of Copper Ingot

By crafting

If you place a block of copper onto your crafting table, then you will get nine copper ingots.

Screenshot of crafting copper ingots in Minecraft gameplay
Crafting Recipe for Copper Ingot

Note: This will also work with a waxed block of copper, any other types of blocks of copper will not work.

If you don’t possess a block of copper, then they can be mined when using a pickaxe.

Note: Mining without a pickaxe will get you nothing.

Where to get amethyst shards?

There is basically one way of getting your hands on some amethyst shards and that is through mining.

Although you cannot simply hope to get that crystal by mining underground at different locations, you must first find a geode formation to mine from. They can be easily recognizable through their purple color.

Just visit any caves found in your overworld and hope to find a geode.

If you have some spare time and want to mine for one if you happen to collect minerals such as basalt or calcite, then there should be amethyst close by, as they are the materials generally found around the geode. Just keep at it with your pickaxe until you collect the fruit of your labor.

Screenshot of a Geode in Minecraft Gameplay
Inside a Geode

Crafting the spyglass.

After acquiring the necessary resources, you will need to take out your crafting table and place them on the grid in a specific way for the recipe to work.

Reminder: In order to make a crafting table, you will need to use four wood planks of any type.

Using the middle column of the crafting grid, you will need to first place the amethyst on the top row and then place the copper ingots straight underneath the crystal.

Screenshot of crafting a spyglass in Minecraft gameplay
Crafting Recipe for Spyglass

How to use the spyglass in Minecraft?

You simply need to place the spyglass on your Hotbar.

Once selected, you will need to press and hold the right-click button on your mouse for as long as you want to use it.

There is no way to zoom in or out while using your spyglass and you cannot see further than what is already shown on your map in the distance.

Final thoughts

That wasn’t so hard now was it? You now possess a spyglass to aid you in finding mobs, items, or locations at a distance, which helps greatly to find your way.

Now, if you want to see something cool, check out this video on how to use that spyglass to make a scoped crossbow.

Having a spyglass can be quite useful as some maps can be huge and the last thing you want is to be traveling in the wrong direction.

Follow the stars, stay on track, keep true, but most importantly, game on.

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Easy guide on how to make a spyglass in Minecraft

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