How to build a bamboo farm in Minecraft?

How to build a bamboo farm in Minecraft
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Do you know that you can get bamboo in the game Minecraft?

You can obtain that useful resource not only from the landscape among others, but you can also grow your own.

This is why building a farm is a way to go to facilitate the task at hand, making it easier to collect.

In this article, we will show you how to build a bamboo farm in Minecraft.

How do you get bamboo in Minecraft?

There are several ways to get bamboo in the game:

By fishing

It is extremely rare, but it is possible to get bamboo by fishing. Although the resource is considered “junk”, you have less than a 1% chance of obtaining bamboo, if using an unenchanted fishing rod. If you are using enchantments on your gear, such as “Luck of the Sea”, then your chances are even lower as it reduces the chances of getting junk and more chances of getting treasure.

By looting

Another way of getting bamboo is by killing and looting pandas. They can be found in jungle biomes and their drop rate depends on the version of the game you are using. They would drop 1 bamboo in Java Edition and between 0 and 2 in the Bedrock Edition. Adding enchantment to your sword such as “Looting” will help gain additional bamboo.

Through chest loot

In Minecraft, there are two places where there are chests containing bamboo, one is in shipwrecks found throughout the aquatic landscape. It can be found among their supply chests, which have about a 14% chance rate.

The jungle temple is the other place where chests containing bamboo can be found. You have better chances of finding the resource inside the temple, as it has a bit more than a 50% drop chance.

In the jungle

When fishing or looting is not an option due to their low drop rate, then you go straight to the source. the jungle.

When exploring the jungle biome, you should eventually encounter what they call a bamboo jungle, where a big cluster of that plant can be found for you to cut and collect.

What can you do with it?

Bamboo can be used in numerous ways other than occupying room in your inventory.

For crafting

You can make either bamboo sticks or scaffolding.

To make sticks, you only need two units of bamboo.

In order to make scaffoldings, you would need six bamboos and one string.

To breed pandas

Ironically, killing pandas get you bamboo, but you can use bamboo to make more pandas. Is that what we call the circle of life?

Simply feeding the animal will the plant will make them breed more, thus creating more of them.

For smelting

You can use bamboo to act as fuel when smelting items.

Each plant is equivalent to ¼ of an item, which means you would need 4 of them to make an item.

For farming

You can generate your own bamboo by making your own farm.

Once you have built the contraption, you can then use the plant item to generate more of them.

How do you make an easy bamboo farm?

Follow these steps in order to build a functional bamboo farm that will collect the crop automatically:

  1. Find a nice sunny spot for an adequate light source.
  2. Below the ground where you will put your bamboo shoot, you will want to put a container to collect your resource. In this example, we used “minecarts with hopper” on rails.
  3. Plant those bamboo shoots on the grass directly above your minecarts.
Screenshot of Front view of Bamboo farm in Minecraft Gameplay
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  1. Add a couple of rows of blocks behind your plants.
  2. Add a row of “Piston” blocks on top of those previously placed blocks.
  3. Then add a row of “Observer” blocks on top of the pistons.
  4. Add a few blocks at the back so that you can be at the height of the piston blocks.
  5. Place some “Redstone Dust” on the ground to feed the observer blocks that should be right at the back of it.
Screenshot of Back view of Bamboo farm in Minecraft Gameplay
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  1. You will now enclose your bamboo plants all-around at the same level as the observers so that there is no space for the crop to fall but straight down.
    (Glass is shown here for demonstration purposes, but you can use any kind of blocks you like)

Note: In this example, we made a farm of two, but you can simply do one or even more, depending on your needs.

Screenshot of Side view of Bamboo farm in Minecraft Gameplay
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What does bamboo in Minecraft need to grow?

Light. As with any everyday plant and/or flower, generally speaking, they all need light to grow.

The same logic applies in the game, in order to grow, bamboo requires a light level of at least 9. Using a torch would also work as a light source.

Note: To view the light level, open the debug screen by pressing “F3”, the data will be shown next to “Client Light”. It will be on a scale of 0 to 15.

One fun thing about growing this kind of crop is that it does NOT require water.

How do you make bamboo grow faster?

More light. The brighter your crop is exposed to, the quicker it’ll grow.

So, make sure when building your farm to find a nice sunny spot for it.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn a bit more about growing and farming bamboo in Minecraft.

Run your farm, grow and collect the fruit of your labor so that you can fuel up that furnace, make tall scaffoldings, and grow plenty of baby pandas.

For more information about bamboo in Minecraft, visit Minecraft Wiki.

Take it easy and game on.

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How to build a bamboo farm in Minecraft?

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