How to Easily Beat Kraid in Metroid Dread

Kraid giving you a hard time? Found out how to easily beat Kraid in Metroid Dread by sequence breaking.

For those wondering what sequence breaking is, see it as skipping a few steps as opposed to having to battle it out for the three boss phases that you would usually have to go through.

Where is Kraid located?

He is located in Cataris. In order to reach him, you would have to acquire both the Varia Suit from a Chozo Statue and the Morph Ball after defeating an Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier or E.M.M.I. for short.

Screenshot of Kraid's Lair

How to beat Kraid, the long way?

Now, this boss fight can be very hard, especially when not prepared, so make sure you did your homework and explorer enough to get as many missile upgrades as possible, the same goes for energy tanks, and make sure you are full health and ammo.

When you reach Kraid’s lair, luckily for you he is restrained, because he does not seem too happy.

If you have played previous Metroid games, the key in defeating him is through heartburn, by making him swallow some heavy firepower, missile-style.

Screenshot of Samus facing Kraid

Phase One

So phase one would be to shoot his mouth with either a charged blast or missile, so that he opens his mouth and then, shoot as many missiles in his mouth until he closes it.

Be careful as he will throw projectiles at you that you can shoot for some extra energy and missiles if you happen to run low or simply keep a healthy stock.

Rinse and repeat until he had enough.

Phase Two

In this part, you are sent floor level leaving his belly exposed where you can see what seems to be a swollen hole which conveniently happens to be your next target.

Keep aiming for the hole with your missiles or charged beam, while avoiding any projectiles coming your way.

If he shoots spikes from his belly, you can duck using your Morph Ball.

After hitting him enough times, he’ll reach for his belly to guard it against upcoming attacks.

Enter phase three.

Screenshot of Kraid's belly

Phase Three

This is where it can be hard, depending on how low your energy level is.

There is a blue magnetic surface wall that is lowered and you can hold on to, with your spider magnet ability, which will lift you up to head level.

At this point, make him swallow missile.

If you happen to fall, target his belly until he had enough and he again guards his belly. He will then shoot spikes from his belly, which will again lower the blue wall to hoist you back up head level to have at him once more.

Doing this a few times while keeping alive can be quite the challenge, but if you keep at it he will eventually fall.

Was that hard enough for you? What if I can tell you that you can easily beat Kraid in Metroid Dread?

How to beat Kraid, the easy way?

There is a much easier way to defeat Kraid, but it involves you getting a few upgrades ahead of time. Although it can be a bit hard to obtain, rest assured it will be rewarding and worth the trouble.

The key element that we need to acquire is a classic in the Metroid franchise, which is the Morph Ball Bomb or simply called ‘Bomb’.

More on that later on, but first, in order to get to the Bomb upgrade, we need to obtain the Grapple Beam.

Getting the Grapple Beam

Acquiring the Grapple Beam is the hardest part of this whole operation. It may take you a few tries to succeed, which means that you may die a few times in the process.

You will need to go to Dairon at this location. There is a hidden door at the bottom right of the room that you will discover after destroying a breakable block on the floor and then clearing that rubble.

Screenshot of location of hidden area
Screenshot of hidden area

In the next room, you will need to slide through the opening that leads to a lava pit, which you will then have to make a mid-air jump towards the wall then jump again to reach that crawl space at the top.

At the end of that path, you will need to slide through the hole and immediately do a mid-air jump to reach the ledge on the other side to be able to reach the door.

Here is a quick video on how to do so.

After passing the door, head to the elevator leading to Artaria, then continue on the path to reach the Chozo statue room and obtain your prize.

Screenshot of chozo statue holding Grapple beam

Getting the Bomb

To easily beat Kraid in Metroid Dread, we need the Bomb upgrade. This is the key and means to an end to make a quick job out of him.

You gain the Bomb ability through a Chozo statue and it is located in Dairon.

Screenshot of location of bomb upgrade

To get to this location, on the way, there is a room with a block that requires the Grapple Beam in order to destroy it and unblock your path.

This is why we needed to grab that upgrade beforehand.

Screenshot of location of Grapple block

After passing through that area it is a pretty straightforward path to the Chozo statue.

After acquiring the bombs, it is time to pay a visit to Kraid.

Screenshot of chozo statue holding bomb

Facing Kraid

Now that we are armed and ready, it is time to face off against Kraid.

The fight will pretty much start off the same way as the previously mentioned “long” way. By that, I mean you will have to go through phase one of the fight. See above for description.

Once you drop to floor level for phase two, you will notice on the wall that there is a lit-up spot right a the level of the belly where you need to aim.

There is actually a breakable block at the bottom of the wall that you will be able to blow up using your bombs.

Screenshot of Kraid Mouth Open

This will expose one of those “ball launchers”, which is basically a system to propel Samus in morph ball form through a narrow path following the drop of a bomb. In a way, It is kind of like the initial launch of a ball in a pinball machine.

Note: Before doing so, make sure you have a lot of energy left, as this will cause you some damage.

So enter that opening in the wall and use a bomb to launch yourself right into Kraid’s belly.

Once inside, bombs away. Quickly and repeatedly press Y to internally damage Kraid by deploying multiple bombs inside of him.

After causing him enough damage there will be a cutscene ending the fight and this is how we easily beat Kraid in Metroid Dread.

Final Thoughts

You will see that following these steps are well worth the effort, as it shifts the level of difficulty of this fight tremendously and it also cuts down in the time as well, making it essential for anybody attempting to do a speed run.

If only these kinds of tricks or shortcuts were applied to all the bosses, it would make our playthrough a walk in the park. But then again, the game would not feel as rewarding or challenging if it was that easy.

At least, in this case, they make you work for it a bit to get there. Notably those acrobatics above the lava pit on the way to acquire the Grapple Beam.

So, with these ending words, I say: Game on and I’ll see you next mission.

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How to Easily Beat Kraid in Metroid Dread

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