Are Gaming Glasses Worth Buying?

Gaming Glasses Worth Buying

There are a lot of gaming gears out there, from gaming keyboards to glasses. Glasses, really? Would you need any? Are gaming glasses worth buying?

Read on and find out all there is concerning this little piece of equipment. Perhaps it was something that you never knew even existed, but could be useful for you.

Let’s check it out, shall we?

What are gaming glasses?

As the name says they are glasses for gamers, made for gamers who spend a good amount of time in front of a computer, tv, or mobile screen playing videogames.

As you will find out the purpose of these glasses, you will see that they should not be limited and used solely for video gaming, but used generally when in front of any electronic screen, as they are made to filter your eyes from the blue light emanating from these displays.

You can easily recognize these specs as they usually have a light-yellowish tint in the lenses, but you can also get them with a clear tint as well.

Is blue light bad for your eyes?

A lot of people do not know the dangers of artificial lights produced by your favorite electronic devices.

This blue light is usually responsible for eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and other issues such as affecting your sleep pattern.

This is why experts say to avoid electronic devices roughly 30 minutes before going to bed.

While these so-called dangers linked to overexposure don’t seem that bad, they can still lead to bigger problems, such as retinal damage, due to the light going straight through all the way to the back of the retina.

Photo of Man Lying Down on Bed

It can lead to cataracts and/or macular degeneration, which the latter is a blurred vision or spot in the center of the eye. This one is usually age-related, but overexposure can accelerate the process.

In some extreme cases, it could even cause eye cancer.

As mentioned before, it can disrupt sleep patterns, so if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you will be more prone to the risk of disease, and it will disrupt hormone production such as melatonin.

It can also lead to depression.

A friendly reminder or tip, when doing long hours in front of any type of screen, consider taking a few breaks by looking away for about a minute, focusing on different objects in the room, giving your eyes some exercise and much-needed time-off, before resuming what you were doing. It will go a long way.

Why are gaming glasses yellow?

There are actually three colors for these lenses, the most common is amber, which we call the yellow tint ones. There are the clear ones and there is also something in between which looks like a light yellow.

Sure, there are three colors to choose from, but each has its own Blue Protection Factor value, or BPF for short. The yellow or amber has the highest value for protection, the clear has the lowest one, and the light-yellow is located somewhere in the middle. So that is something to take into consideration.

But why that color? Why yellow? It has been proven that yellow lenses provide better clarity. minimize glare and reduces eyestrain for people that are usually sensitive to blue light, and yellow also makes the colors more striking or prominent.

Do I need a prescription for gaming glasses?

You would think that any person wearing these spectacles would be made with prescription lenses, but they are not, or at least not entirely.

You can have made a pair of gaming eyeglasses customized to your vision if you usually wear prescription eyewear that is. You also have the option of simply purchasing them without any strength in them. Think of it as indoor “sun” glasses, whereas the sun is the light radiating from your screen.

Close-Up Photo Of Eyeglasses

When purchasing prescription eyewear, you usually have the option to add lens coating, such as anti-reflective, anti-fog, and scratch-resistant, and now, most of them offer blue light protection technology (BluTech) for an added cost.

Unlike store-bought actual glasses for gamers, when you add the blue-light protection, you don’t have to worry about having a yellow tint to your lenses, as they will appear clear.

The only thing you would notice is when looking at anything white, it may look slightly yellow, but very little, hardly noticeable.

If blue light protection is something that you would need and gaming glasses are not an option, because you wear prescription glasses and you are due to buy a new pair, then consider buying a generic brand of blue light blocking clip-on as they are the cheapest option out there.

You could find them online ranging between 15 and 30 USD.

What are good gaming glasses brands?

Much like any product on the market, there are multiple brands to choose from. Although there are a lot of good ones out there, there are a few brands that stick out among the rest.

If you find gaming glasses worth buying, you might want to check these popular choices of brands, in no particular order, they are the following :

Gunnar Optiks

A Californian company founded in 2007, has set the bar as far as gaming eyewear is concerned.

Their name is everywhere when shopping specifically for this kind of product.

I truly believe they are the leading brand in that category of gaming gear.

Gamer wearing gamer glasses and headset
Credit: GUNNAR Optiks

They make no compromises when it comes to quality and they offer a great selection at a very reasonable price.

Definitely worth a look.

You can visit their website here: Gunnar


Another popular brand, also a Californian company, was founded in 2002 and has been acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in 2021.

It is known for selling gaming peripherals mostly headsets, keyboards, and gaming mice.

Their name is usually associated with quality products, I expect no less for gaming glasses.

You can visit their website here: HyperX

Gammaray Optix

A little less known than the first two, but still a popular choice and are among the top lists of numerous websites.

They are a cheaper alternative to the Gunnar brand with an average cost of 30 USD.

You can visit their website here: Gammaray Optix

J and S Vision

Launched in 2015, while its selection is very limited, with a price range averaging between 25-30 USD, but still delivers fine products as far as gaming/computer glasses go.

Even with a few pairs to pick from, they manage to be among the top favorite lists.

You can visit their website here: J+S Vision


Another brand that keeps popping up on the gaming glasses radar, generates good reviews.

They do not seem to have their own website, but you can easily find them through popular online stores.

They also offer a clip-on for your prescription glasses, which is always a good option.

Final Thoughts

If you have learned anything from this article is that there are downsides to blue lights and that you should seek the proper protection for your eyes. It’s all relative to how much exposure you are putting yourself throughout the day.

For gamers, regular tv watchers, and other electronic aficionados, you should definitely look into either grabbing a pair of this gaming gear, adding this protective coating on your next prescription eyeglasses, or getting a clip-on.

You only have one pair of eyes, take care of them. See this as an investment, that can save you a lot of headaches literally and figuratively.

On that note, enjoy, specs on, and game on.

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Are Gaming Glasses Worth Buying?

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